What is Co-inherence?

Co-inherence is a word I first saw used by Charles Williams. It essentially is a theological term used to describe the life of the Trinity which exists as three persons living as one God. Williams extends its use in his writings to describe the very existence of life in the world. The life of the world derives its existence from the life of God, and the individual lives of every creature derives it existence from the lives of all its ancestors, its food, and its protectors.

Our lives are meant to be lived in God. Not just in a relative, fluffy kind of way, but quite literally, in God and in turn within each other. As our lives were inherently in our mother’s womb before we were born, true life is in God. As Paul says in so many of his letters, a Christian’s life is in Christ. It is hid in Christ, it is out of Christ, it is crucified with Christ, and it is raised with Christ. Our lives are to co-inhere Christ’s life and subsequently the lives of all those around us.


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